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American Women Artists Membership


American Women Artists offers opportunities, camaraderie and support for women artists. 

Associate Artist Members

Associate Artist Memberships are $60 per year and open to women artists, 18 years of age or older, living and working in the United States, Canada or Mexico. Women who draw, paint or sculpt in a representational style-either with a contemporary or traditional approach-are welcome and encouraged to apply for membership.

As a benefit of membership, associate artists are eligible to apply for annual national juried competitions and online juried shows. They receive a free listing linked to their website on the AWA website. They also receive discounts on AWA workshops and other events.

Signature Members

Associate artists are eligible for Signature membership after they have been juried ino at least three AWA National Juried Competition Exhibitions. Dues per year at the Signature level are $200.

Signature members are eligible to submit work for the Annual Master & Signature Members Show, held in conjunction with the Annual National Juried Exhibition and can submit work for AWA Museum Shows. They are eligible to use the initials AWA after their signature and are routinely featured in AWA newsletters and social media.

Master Signature Members

Master Signature membership is by invitation only. The exemplary work of a Master Signature Member can be seen in museum exhibitions, nationally recognized galleries, publications and collections across the country. Women under consideration for Master Signature membership may be invited to show with AWA at the Annual Member Show as guest artists, if they are not already Signature members. Master Signature members receive all of the benefits enjoyed by Signature Members. Dues per year at the Master Signature level are $300.

Patron Members

American Women Artists is a nonprofit organization and deeply grateful for the support of those who love and appreciate fine art. Patron level support is open to all who wish to make a contribution to support our mission to inspire, celebrate and encourage women in the visual fine arts. If you join us as a Patron, you'll receive our monthly newsletter, invitations to exclusive artist events as well as to our annual opening receptions. You can choose to remain an anonymous giver, or be listed on our website and in our newsletter as a Patron Member of AWA. The Patron level of membership begins at $60 per year.

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The Tucson Museum of Art initiated the first American Women Artists exhibit in 1990, following in the annual tradition of the Prima Vera, a city wide celebration of women in the arts. In the subsequent years, AWA has reached audiences from California to Maryland to Italy and back. Now in their third decade, the acclaimed American Women Artists celebrate their commitment to art with works of high quality, original viewpoints, and enduring inspirations. Museums interested in significant 21st-century American art, how recurring themes crisscross in the lives of painters and sculptors, or the specific viewpoint of women, need look no further than an exhibition of the American Women Artists.
Robert Knight
Chief Executive Officer
Tucson Museum of Art